The United Pirates

Ahoy fellow pirates!

As most of ye know, me activity on Catskills has decreased significantly. For several reasons I decided ta sail to the Europa shard and wreck havoc there. It was no easy decision, since Catskills has been me home fer 13 years and me heart is attached to this shard and its people. However, the United Pirates of Catskills crew will be upheld indefinitely. It would be a shame if da greatest crew on Catskills would fade away. Ye can handle all guild matters without me, and ye should try to elect a new Captain. I wish ye all da luck, lotsa ale and willin' wenches!

   Hawkeye Pike, 01/01/2011
   former Captain of the UP

The Black Market, our monthly smuggling and trading event, will continue whenever crew members have time ta organize it. Watch our message board fer announcements!
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New Ships and Sea Content

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