The United Pirates

How to join us

We always need new swashbucklers to join our ranks! Villages need to be attacked and plundered. Dangerous adventures have to be faced. Events need to be organized or participated at. If you are an outcast, a scoundrel, a man or woman of the seas, or an outlaw looking for a great community, if ye don't fear death, and detest those landlubbing do-gooders.... SHARPEN YER BLADE AND JOIN OUR BRETHREN!

  • Carefully read and bear in mind our simple pirate rules!
  • Introduce yourself on our message board!
  • Come to our hideout, the Red Skull Bay, and get acquainted with the pirate way of living!
  • Sign up for the most exciting, entertaining and dreaded roleplaying guild on Catskills, the United Pirates!

Are you having trouble to find an appropriate name for your pirate character? Check this site for good suggestions!

What to expect from the guild

The United Pirates will provide you with company and a frame of exciting gameplay within a group of rogues. We organize challenging guild wars and events, without the madness of Felucca PvP. We feature a pirate community that allows you to roleplay a shady scoundrel in whatever extent you like. (If you are not familiar to roleplaying, do not worry! It is easy. Just hang out with us and learn from us!) We help each other out. Our goal is to have fun as pirates, go on adventures, and enjoy guild wars in a roleplaying context.

Once you start playing Ultima Online with us, without the pressure of worrying about gold or items, without the fear of being looted in PvP, you will find out how much fun the game can be. How much it has to offer, when you have ideas and make something of them.

The Oath of the Pirate Brethren

Deadicated pirates, who have been with us for a few weeks, can volonteer to take the meaningful step and swear their allegiance to the brethren. With this Oath they will be bound to the United Pirates forever, which will be honored in a secret ceremony. More details here!