The United Pirates

The Oath of the Pirate Brethren is a secret ceremony a pirate can choose to attend, to prove his dedication to the United Pirates. Every crew member who has been with our guild for some time, be it as a fighter, craftsman, treasure hunter, cook or tamer, and who has proven to be reliable, can volonteer to swear the Oath of the Pirate Brethren. This Oath will bind the the crew member to the United Pirates forever. Think it through, before you decide to take this step, because it is irreversible!

Only a pirate who swore the Oath is entitled to receive a special title. All other pirates get the title "Mate".

(A pirate, who swears the Oath of the Pirate Brethren, is expected to dedicate this character to the United Pirates guild until the very end. This pirate should be his main character. This is a meaningful step, because not always times are good. Every guild can suffer from periods of inactivity. There always can be times of disagreement or controversy. It is easy to be around when times are good. A pirate swearing the Oath is especially expected to be constructive, patient and persistent during difficult times. He is not expected to be online all the time. But he should turn up regularly, and if he can't be in Britannia for a longer time, he should announce this on our message board.)

The ceremony will be held on a ship at the midnight hour [in-game time]. Other pirates are welcome to attend the ceremony and thus honor the pirate who is willing to swear this momentous oath. The ceremony will be lead by one of the Captains. All participants have to make sure they wear no night sight items or are not under the effect of the Night Sight spell. To emphasize the purity of this event, the pirate swearing the oath must not wear any armor, but only regular clothing and a headdress. After the Oath has been recited, the pirate has to walk the burning plank and sacrifice himself to the eternal sea. When walking the plank, he has to chug a deadly poison, symbolizing that he is willing to suffer for his crew.
After being resurrected on the beach, the pirate will receive a token of honor and respect.

The Oath

"I hereby swear...
to dedicate my life to the brethren of the United Pirates.
to respect and enforce our articles.
to be there for the crew in good and in bad times.
to celebrate and share in times of prosperity.
to hang on and persevere in times of desperation.
to respect our friends and our foes.
to stand up for the crew with blade, spell, skill or mind.
As proof for my will to be there for this crew 'til the very end
I will sacrifice myself to the burning sea."

The Symbols

  • A Red Rose: Symbol for dedication.
  • A Golden Cutlass: Symbol for valor.
  • A Broken Clock: Symbol for perseverance.
  • Scales: Symbol for justice and respect.