The United Pirates

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The Black Market (Every first Saturday of the Month, 8pm EST)

The United Pirates of Catskills announce the monthly recurring Black Market trading event with the motto - "Good contraband for fair prices"! During this public event, everybody can sell, buy or trade all kinds of wares! The facts:

  • Merchants can claim a personal market stand where they can advertise and sell their products. The merchants should enter the list of their products into the book locked down on their market stand (at least one day prior to the event, so people can come by and check on the items).
  • The prices should be LOWER than the regular Luna vendor prices! Bargaining is encouraged!
  • Are you looking for a certain item? You can post your request on the bulletin board out front of the Black Market. Merchants can check the board beforehand and have the appropriate items ready for sale. The board will be wiped after the Black Market is over.

If you want to sell contraband, you can simply come to the Black Market building prior to the event and enter your name and your item list into one of the (empty) books on the market stands. By doing that you have claimed the market stand and may use it exclusively during the event. The Black Market building is located next to our Jolly Roger Inn.