The United Pirates

If ye want to join the United Pirates, or if ye wonder about what rules apply for interaction with the United Pirates crew, ye should read the following articles! We specifically mind about keeping the rules as simple as possible.

The Articles (GUILD RULES)

  • If ye join us, ye have to show some minium activity in the guild. Members not showing up for a long time without giving a reason will be demoted and receive the title "Deck Swab" or "Scullery-Maid". Also, participating in discussions in our Forum is strongly recommended!
  • Our crew members are supposed to look like pirates! Our dress code prohibits neon colored outfit and landlubber clothes. Avoid plate armor, or at least try to hide it! Allowed headdresses: Skullcap, tricorne, bandana. (No worries, by using the Imbuing skill we can craft very fine headdresses.)
  • As a member of the most dreaded pirate crew, ye should behave like a pirate! Pirates have rough manners, are sometimes rude and despise landlubbers. No landlubber talk and abbreviations ("sup", "np", "ty" and so on). Feel free to incorporate any kind of dialect or drunken babbling into yer language, if ye like. If you want to talk out of character, use guild or party chat.
  • If a crew member asks for help in a serious matter, the available pirates should respond. Also, we expect some team spirit from our crew members. Ye can go on adventures all by yerself, of course. But crew activities should always have a higher priority.

Rules of Engagement (GUILD WARS)

The following simple rules were determined to make guild interaction and guild wars more fun, by adding a minimum of role playing background to conflicts and avoiding grieving of other players. They should apply to all guilds declaring war on us (and on each other). All involved guilds should decide for themselves on the extent of their role playing.
  • GIVE YOUR CONFLICT A BACKGROUND! We are no murderers! We focus on guild wars with some role playing background. Guild wars are meant to be a challenge and fun to all parties involved! We do not go on mindless killing sprees.
  • NO LOOTING! Looting in guild wars is strictly forbidden! The remains of yer victim always stay untouched! However, although all guildmasters check their applicants carefully before adding them, it can never fully be guaranteed that a black sheep hasn't sneaked into a guild and breaks this rule. Thus it is strongly recommended to insure valuable items!
  • NO KILLING ON SIGHT! Killing on sight is to be avoided, except in specially arranged war situations! If you attack an enemy, there should always be a context to it. Maybe he refused to pay tribute. Or he provoked an attack. There are many reasons to start fighting. But we do not attack without a reason and we do not attack on sight!
  • NO ATTACKING OF THE DEFENSELESS! Attacking people while they are obviously away from the keyboard, while they are at the bank, or immediately after resurrection (res killing), is not allowed! The victim should be given a fair chance to defend himself or flee. (Exception: Specially arranged battle situations, in consent with the enemy guild.) People who explicitly don't want to fight, must not be forced to fight!
  • ANY EQUIPMENT, ANY TACTICS! You are allowed to use your favorite equipment and combat strategy in guild wars. Restrictions always penalize someone and spoil the fun. You will soon find out that your tactics and coordination weigh much more than items.
  • NO WHINING! If you feel that something unfair happened, talk to your guild master! Public whining and complaining (especially in front of other guilds) are frowned upon. Everything can be worked out, if the parties concerned with the incident really want to solve the issue. UO is a game and it should be fun!
  • SHOW YOUR ALLEGIANCE! Make sure to show your guild abbreviation (option can be checked in the paperdoll menu at "guild"). People have the right to know who they're dealing with.
  • DYING IN BATTLE! If you die in a guild war, you should remain in yer death robe for roundabout 30 minutes before re-joining the battle (unless arranged otherways for certain battle situations).