The United Pirates

Here you will find a list of events sponsored by the United Pirates in the past:

Fishing Contest, December 2010

The object was to catch the heaviest fish with the appropriate catching date engraved. The contest ended at 8pm EST, and the winner was determined at the United Pirates Black Market. Any type of fish could be hunted as long as it had increased weight and carried a catching date. There were be bonuses for special type of fish.
- Regular Big Fish, Mud Puppy, Red Herring: +0 stones
- Yellowtail Barracuda, Giant Koi, Stone Fish: +5 stones
- Great Barracuda, Fire Fish: +10 stones
- Other rare types: +15 stones
The winner was Lykor who caught a Great Barracuda weighing 185 stones. Second best was Northern Whaler with his 178 stones Holy Mackerel.

Pirate Festival: Contest of Insults, August 2010

For the second time, the pirates held a contest of psychological warfare. The participants were grouped into pairs. Each pair had 3 minutes to let loose on each other. This happened in a dialog, where each offense had to be alternately answered with a new insult until the time of three minutes was up. Vulgar or x-rated verbal slander was strictly prohibited. The best warriors of psychological war were rewarded with a powerful engraved weapon.

Pirate Festival: The Hunt for Wicked Pete, August 2010

Wicked Pete had commited a crime and fled to a remote place in Felucca. The participants were gated to his hiding place near the Britain Moongate, from where Pete made a run for the Trinsic Moongate. The group was supposed to you hunt him down before he reached the safety of the moongate. Everything was allowed but sicking a pet onto him. Not far from Trinsic, Pete was successfully stopped and the stolen bracelet retrieved from his corpse.

Pirate Festival: Dagger Throwing Contest, August 2010

This Pirate Festival was an event that draw a lot of attention. Thanks to Whispering Rose Radio, who reported live about this event, a lot of visitors came to the Red Skull Bay to participate in the games. The first game was a dagger throwing contest. The participants had to make three throws at a dartboard. But the point was not only to reach a high score, but to use special throwing techniques. The individual throwing style was be awarded with up to 20 extra points that were be added to the score! The winner was rewarded with a special throwing dagger.

Battle Royale, February 2010

The deadliest assassins of Britannia were challenged to be marooned on a deserted island in Felucca. There they fought each other to the last man standing. The rules were simple:

  • Any equipment is allowed.
  • No pets, no summons.
  • No resurrecting.
  • No murder counts!

Shipwrecked Hunt, January 2010

Once again we were be shipwrecked, only this time on the volcano beach on the Isle of Fire. We explored the Underworld Dungeon and started out with no gear except for clothes and weapons bought from NPCs, and of course a big supply of bandages, reagents and arrows. We used no night sight items and no mounts! We also did bring torches and lanterns (for more atmosphere, you can turn the setting "dark nights" in the client options on). The goal was to equip ourselves from monster loot only. As we dug deeper into the dungeon, we had to face more and more dangerous threats.

The Great Sea Battle, January 2010

Heave-ho, mighty seafarers of Britannia! Prepare your ships for battle! Hire a skilled crew! Because we will hold a sea battle in a large bay in Trammel. The bay will be big enough to allow at least 10 ships to maneuver and escape. The inlet of the bay will be blocked by anchored boats. We meet at the Jolly Roger Inn. The rules:

  • Any equipment is allowed.
  • No pets, mounts and summoned creatures.
  • No poison fields.
  • One of the two planks must remain unlocked during the whole battle to allow entering.
  • The unlocked plank can be kept closed (but still unlocked) by the crew to prevent entering.
  • Going ashore is forbidden and will lead to disqualification.
  • It is allowed to resurrect dead crew members on the boat, who may re-join the battle.
  • Thus, reskilling is allowed. If you want to give up, remain a ghost until the battle is over.
  • The battle ends when there's only one crew left. At least one person of this crew has to be alive.

It is recommended to have one ship per guild, so you only have to fight enemy guilds. This way, a wider variety of attacks is available and hidden persons can be detected (see footnote). All participating guilds should have declared war on each other. Equipment should be insured, as you may not be able to loot your corpse in time!

[Note: Area attacks (like potions, field spells, area attack spells, etc.) will not damage people who are in your own guild or alliance, i.e. people who highlight green to you. They only will damage people from an enemy guild, i.e. people who highlight orange to you.]

Contest of Insults, January 2010

As we all know, psychological warfare is even more efficient than an expensive weapon. Who's best at demoralizing the opponent? You could find out in our Contest of Insults! The event took place in the bar of the Jolly Roger Inn - a place where swearing and brawling is a daily occurence.
The participants were grouped in pairs. Each pair had 3 minutes to let loose on each other. This happened in a dialog, where each offense had to be alternately answered with a new insult until the time of three minutes was up. It was an advantage if the used insults referred to your opponent's affront, and it was even better if they took your opponent's appearance, character or attributes into account. Vulgar or x-rated verbal slander was prohibited, and would have lead to keelhauling and banishing. However, all participants behaved very well, given the goal of this event.

At the end, every person who was present was allowed to cast one vote for the best participant, except for himself. The two winners received a valuable imbued weapon with the words "Grandmaster of Psychological Warfare" engraved on them. As Hawkeye Pike didn't want the reward, he passed it on to Hook, who received no vote, but is infamous for his verbal fighting power.

The three best were:
Mystyrl Shar: 3 votes
Hawkeye Pike: 3 votes
Acolar: 2 votes

A detailed report can be found here!

No Limits Tournament, January 2010

The tournament took place on the beach in the Red Skull Bay, right in front of the Jolly Roger Inn. The arena was delimited with tables. The best equipment was brought! Any tactics to defeat the oponent was allowed! The only restrictions were:

  • No mounts.
  • No pets or summoned creatures.
  • No hiding/invisibility.
  • After 5 minutes of fighting, opponents had to stand toe-to-toe (no more running).

The winner was Xanthus Razele.

Catskills Old School Fight Night, December 2009

The United Pirates of Catskills invited every fighter to participate in the first Old-School Fight Night! The tournament took place in the United Pirates Arena, a big building on the coastline east of the Shrine of Honor. The rules:

  • Leave your equipment and the contents of your backpack at home! Store away your armor, weapons, jewelry, talismans, spellbooks and other fighting gadgets!
  • Equip yourself ONLY from items sold by NPC vendors in Britannia's towns (not player vendors). You may use any kind and number of armor, weapon, potion, bandage and reagent sold by those vendors. No player-crafted items allowed!
  • Fights will be held on foot. No need to bring a mount.
  • Only if your opponent is dead or leaves the arena, you win the fight.
  • The tournament is held using the round robin system - each fights each.
  • Every player can enter the contest with only one character.
  • Tamed pets are not allowed in the tournament.

The results:
Scarst: 5 wins
Hawkeye Pike: 3 wins
Aneirin: 2 wins
Va'lis Razele: 2 wins
Buttercup: 2 wins

December Black Market, December 2009

This month, for the first time a public moongate installed by the Gods helped to wash in lots of customers. A lot of visitors came through the gate from New Haven, and lots of merchangs - both landlubbers and pirates - offered contraband for fair prices.

Jolly Roger Speed Race, November 2009

The United Pirates organized a boat speed race at the Jolly Roger Inn. Every participant had to bring his own vessel! The course lead from the beach in front of the UP headquarters in a straight line southward. The rules were simple:

  • All participants line up their boats in a row on the coastline.
  • On a given signal, all boats depart at the same time and sail in a straight line until they reach the next shore.
  • The bows of their vessels have to touch the shore within the marking. Then they turn their boats around and sail back in a straight line.
  • The course is outlined with lanterns on the water, so nobody gets lost.
  • The participants are encouraged to outmaneuver their rivals within the borders of the course.
  • Beware of possible obstacles and monsters along the course!
  • The first captain to return to the starting line wins the prize.

Lady SinDee won the race.
A detailed report can be found here!

Jhelom Island Race, July 2009

The course of this boat race lead the participants around the four islands of Jhelom (Dragon Isle, North Jhelom Island, Jhelom, South Jhelom Island). Three boats were racing against each other. The participants were Hawkeye Pike, Katherine Elle and James. As Hawkeye Pike won this race as well, another 1,300,000 gold pieces went into the pot, raising it to 2,700,000 gold coins! Katherine's vessel arrived 15 seconds behind Hawkeye Pike, and James returned to the goal on foot.

A detailed report can be found here!

Serpent's Hold Cup, July 2009

Another boat race was held. This time, the course leads around the Serpent's Hold islands. This race, too, was won by Hawkeye Pike. Talen NightWolf made second place by a close shave. The pot was raised to 1,400,000 gold coins that can be won in the next race, if someone manages to outsail Hawkeye Pike.

Detailed report here!

Vesper Boat Race Challenge, June 2009

Captain Hawkeye Pike challenged the citizens of Britannia to race against him! The race was held in the Vesper channels. The event would be repeated and a valuable prize can be won:
The participants bet a decent amount of gold or nifty items on their victory. If Hawkeye Pike beats the landlubber, the prize goes into a pot. This way, the pot will accumulate and raise until someone manages to outsail the pirate! If someone beats Hawkeye, he will win the whole pot. The location of the race is determined by the pirate (the one who accepts the challenge will learn about it some time prior to the event). The location may change with every race.

This race was won by Hawkeye Pike. Zuckuss made second place by a close shave. 1,250,000 gold coins were collected and went into the pot for the next race.

Detailed report can be found here!

The Admiral's Cup, May 2009

At 8pm EST sharp the most venturous and skilled mariners met at the Jolly Roger Inn to compete with one another. At a signal, the seafarers started and followed a given route, which took them past ten check points all around Britannia. The rules were simple:

  • Bring yer favorite vessel and yer sea legs!
  • The whole journey has to be done by ship.
  • The check points will be explained in advance. You have to sail past those check points in the correct order, and shout a greeting into the communication crystal.
  • The mariner who returnes to the Jolly Roger Inn first, wins the cup!

Fastest mariner was Benjamin Redeye, who returned to the Jolly Roger Inn after 1 hour 23 minutes. He was followed by Renneb (1:31) and Sigfried McGreed (2:11). Two other landlubbers capitulated. The winner was rewarded with an exceptionally good war fork. The last to arrive received a Navigator's World Map to improve his sailing skills.

Catskills Militia - Weekly Skirmish, February 2009

Every Sunday at 2pm, fighters of the Catskills shard meet at a predetermined place in Britannia for battle training. The participants have to wear armor and weapon made by a grandmaster crafter with normal crafting tools. (No runic crafted items, no magic mods!). The people are usually separated into two teams and they will get a certain goal. The first Militia Day was a total success! All had a lot of fun.

Detailed report here!

Black Market and Ransom And Blood Award Ceremony, February 2009

Valuable contraband was laundered during the February Black Market. Several merchants made good deals, and the prices of the wares were clearly below the usual market values. Also, this Black Market was object to the ceremony where the adventurers who solved the Ransom and Blood quest were awarded with high-end prizes.

Bard's Night, February 2009

"Tales of the Sea" - that was the motto of this month's Bard's Night hosted by the PGoH, which took place in the Jolly Roger Inn. All the bards who were brave enough to step forward and share their tales were treated to good natured taunts, laughter and appreciative applause. When they were done, the judges were led outside to choose the top three tales of the evening. The prizes reached up to half a million gold coins.

First place: Akuma. Second place: Sarda. Third place: Trinsac.

Ransom And Blood Quest, January 2009

A strange message locked down on the stairs of the Jolly Roger Inn sent adventurers on a long and tricky quest throughout Britannia. The participants had 4 weeks time to solve the quest, before they could claim their prize at the next Black Market in February. Seven people had worked themselves through 16 riddles and succeeded. They were rewarded with valuable items.

Winners: Ankhara, Habu, Trinsac, Hagrid, Lumberlord, Xander Rayne, Hippocrates, Ally Oop.

A complete walkthrough of the quest can be found here!

Shatter the Rock, December 2008

Tammy Lancet had gathered the pirates in the Rock Dungeon in Ilshenar to make a bet. For a limited amount of time, everyone would set out, each one for his own, and try to loot as much gold as possible from the creatures down there. The winner would get all the loot. On a given signal, they all started out and ran through the narrow corridor labyrinth, looking for its dangerous inhabitants. Half an hour later, Tammy's yell could be heard throughout the dungeon, and the pirates retreated to their meeting place to compare their booty.

The Third Black Market, December 6th 2008

Several market stands had been claimed by merchants during the third Black Market. This recurring in-game trading and auctioning event is be accompanied by entertaining elements. During this event, you can sell, buy or trade your wares! People were bargaining, deals were going down. To be repeated!

Monster Fishing Event, November 29th 2008

Our crewmate Hook just informed me that he needs our help to lift a legendary treasure. This is not a regular treasure hunt! This will be dangerous and challenging, so any pirate that is available should better move his lazy arse to the Jolly Roger on Saturday the 29th of November around 3pm EST. The map leading us to the real treasure can be found in one of the fished-up sea creatures. We will need plenty of fishing nets that will be thrown into the water simultaneously. So if you can spare a fishing net, do so and join us! Hook will lead us to the place where we are supposed to find the treasure map. Any crewmate who is willing to join us on this adventure will receive a share of the treasure.

Jolly Roger Challenge, November 8th 2008

All citizens of Britannia, be it fighters, mages or spectators, are invited to come to the Jolly Roger Inn for a big fighting tournament! This exciting contest will take place in our arena next to the Jolly Roger Inn. Here you can prove your real skill and tactics, as special equipment is not allowed! The rules are:

  • Ye cannot use own equipment! Armor, weapons and shields of GM quality will be provided. It is up to yer fighting abilities and tactics!
  • Jewelry, talismans, special spellbooks, quivers and other items improving yer fighting abilities are not allowed!
  • Bring your Ninjitsu, Bushido, Chivalry, Necromancy and Magery spellbooks! No magery spellbooks with magic properties.
  • Ye can bring any kind and number of potions, bandages, arrows, darts, bolts and reagents ye like.
  • Mounts and pets are not allowed!
  • Spellweavers are not allowed to have an arcane focus.
  • Leaving the fighting area before the winner of a duel is determined, is not allowed.
  • You're out of the tournament if you lost TWO fights.
  • Any kind of fighting tactics are allowed! Whatever abilities yer skills offer, may be used in the duel.

Winner: Hawkeye Pike
Prize: 80,000 gold coins.

The complete story can be found here!

Stranded, October 18th 2008

After a heavy storm, Hawkeye Pike and his crew stranded on a small island in the southern Britannian Sea, in Felucca. Most of their items were washed overboard and lost. A few worthless pieces of clothing, hats, some cheap weapons of town-vendor quality and a heap of bandages are all that was left. Equipped in such manner, they start their expedition and enter a teleporter which leads them to the Lost Lands. An exciting and challenging adventure begins. The survivers of the shipwreck have to face the dangers of Felucca in search of new wealth and better equipment. Monsters will be slain, dungeons will be explored, old equipment will be replaced by better items step by step. How far will the group of castaways get? Which dungeons and places will they dare to venture?

We want to explore how much fun you can have in Britannia without using artifacts, valuable equipment or gold. Anyone can join in at any time. Please don't bring any equipment, except clothing and a weapon from an NPC vendor.

The complete story can be found here!

The Oath of the Pirate Brethren, Oct. 10th 2008

The Oath of the Pirate Brethren is a secret ceremony that was introduced by the Captain. Every crew member who has been with our guild for some time, be it as a fighter, craftsman, treasure hunter, cook or tamer, and who has proven to be reliable, can volonteer to swear the Oath of the Pirate Brethren. A couple of pirates immediately chose to swear the Oath, binding themselves to the United Pirates forever. The ceremony will be repeated for those pirates deciding to follow into their footsteps.

The complete story can be found here!

The Black Market, Sep. 6th 2008

The United Pirates of Catskills announced the first Black Market event on this shard! This recurring in-game trading and auctioning event will be repeated each first Saturday of the month. It will be accompanied by entertaining elements. During this event, you can sell, buy, trade or auction your wares! The facts:

  • Merchants will get a personal market stand where they can advertise and sell their products. Bargaining is encouraged! Merchants should have a list of their products locked down on their market stand (at least one day prior to the event, so people can come by and check on the items). The prices should be LOWER than the regular Luna vendor prices!
  • Very valuable or rare items can be brought in for the auction. They will be locked down for display in a secluded area (at least one day before the event). These items will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. The money goes to the owner of the item, minus a small fee (5%) which will be used as prize for the Black Market events. (Auctions will only be held, if at least 3 bidders are there.)
  • Are you looking for a certain item? You can post your request on the bulletin board out front of the Black Market. Merchants can check the board beforehand and have the appropriate items ready for sale. The board will be wiped after the Black Market is over.
  • We will hold games and duels where everybody can place bets and everybody can participate. It will be fun!

Biggest deal: 4,000,000 gold pieces for a lot of spring cleaning tickets.

The complete story can be found here!

The Pirate Conspiracy - The Second Secret Book, Sep. 2nd 2008

Meeting place for the event: The Jolly Roger Inn. The Second Book had been entrusted to a dangerous pirate, who carried it in his pocket. This pirate was hiding on the peninsula off Trinsic on the Felucca facet. The object was, to track him and hunt him down! After being detected, the pirate dropped a note with his escape route: Trinsic south gate - Delucia passage - Delucia north gate - Vesper graveyard passage - Vesper south bridge - Vesper streets - Vesper north bridge - Minoc mining caves. The wherabouts of this pirate were unveiled at the beginning of the event. The pirate fled on foot. He had to be followed and killed. The book was then to be looted off his corpse. The winner was the one who took the book back to the Jolly Roger Inn.
The rules: No mounts, no paralyze magic spells, no animal forms that make you run faster, no pets of the class of a dragon, no murder counts!

Winner: Va'lis Razele [United Pirates]
Prize: A very valuable Pillager's War Fork artifact weapon.

The Pirate Conspiracy - The First Secret Book, Aug. 30th 2008

The first book had already been stolen from the pirates and been hidden somewhere in Britannia. The object was, to follow the clues in this scavenger hunt, solve riddles, and find that book. The one who found the book first, was rewarded with a valuable artifact! The quest started in the Jolly Roger Inn and lead through various player houses all over Sosoria, where hints and riddles have been lain out. No special equipment or preparation was required.

Winner: Steven [United Pirates]. He was the fastest to solve the riddles and the deftest in handling a sextant.
Prize: 500,000 gold pieces and a very valuable Swift Savage Sting Katana artifact weapon.

The complete story can be found here!

Terort Skitas Expedition, August 1st 2008

Again, the pirates set out for a great adventure. This time, the destination was the northern regions of Ilshenar. Meeting Place: 10 pm EST at the Valor Moongate in Ilshenar (or 10 minutes beforehand at the Jolly Roger Inn). Tamers have to stay at home! The stations of the expedition:

  • Starting at the Valor Moongate, heading south across the bridge of Pormir Harm.
  • Entering the the Sorcerer Dungeon and engaging the minor undead creatures of Level 1.
  • Descending to Level 2, hunting Evil Mages, Undead, Balrons and Blood Elementals.
  • Having some fresh air at the Terort Skitas, a place that can be reached via a staircase in Level 2.
  • Back in Level 2, taking the stairs down to Level 3, slaying our way through its corridors, engaging similar creatures as in Level 2.
  • Exiting Level 3 on the other end of the corridor, moving back up to Level 2 and searching for the secret passage down to Level 4.
  • Examining the secret prison of the Sorcerer Dungeon Level 4, then working our way back up to the exit of the Dungeon.

The complete story can be found here!

Ilshenar Dungeon Expedition, July 5th 2008

Again, we explored remote places of Ilshenar in search for treasure, loot and plunder! As this expedition should be a challenge, the tamers with their Dragon pets have to stay at home! The route:

  • From the Honesty Moongate, we head east.
  • We enter the Cyclops Dungeon and fight our way towards the Wisp Dungeon passage.
  • We reach the Wisp Dungeon on the second Level and work our way downward.
  • We pass the maze of teleporters in Level 3 and enter the most dangerous Level 4 of the Wisp Dungeon, to greet the Balron.
  • We take the teleporter from Level 4 back to Level 1 and leave the Wisp Dungeon, heading west through the southern Nox Tereg Swamp towards the Kirin Passage.
  • We then explore the Kirin Passage, which is home to the Elementals, and look for the Ankh Dungeon passage.
  • In the Ankh Dungeon, we will have dinner with a lot of Undead creatures.
  • We pass through the door into the Serpentine Passage. There we'll hunt the Serpentine Dragon and Centaurs, while our mates with bad karma will have their fun with pixies and wisps.
  • We will leave the Serpentine Passage and visit the City of Mistas. There we will celebrate in the biggest inn of Sosoria.

The complete story can be found here!

Ilshenar Expedition, July 4th 2008

Time to explore the remote and secret places of Sosoria! Time to slay creatures and collect booty! The route:

  • From the Honor Moongate, we head north.
  • We pass the Memorial to Gwenno and cross the ford of the Pormir Harm.
  • We continue north until we reach the Cyclops Camp.
  • Now we head east towards the Pass of Karnaugh. (A very dangerous place!)
  • After exiting the pass to the east, we make a rest by the Gypsy Camp and store the loot in the bank.
  • We visit the Ancient Wyrm's Lair to the northeast, and disturb the dragon in his slumber.
  • We enter the city of Montor and say hello to the Balron at The Abyss.
  • We leave Ilshenar through the Chaos Moongate.
  • Then we have a few ales at the Jolly Roger Inn, tell stories, share experiences, evaluate tactics.

The complete story can be found here!

The Pirate Conspiracy: Emergency Session, June 29th 2008

Due to the current situation in New Haven, the United Pirates held an emergency session. At this meeting, the pirates discussed about the next steps to be taken against landlubbers, as well as the matters concerning their hostage. The location of the meeting place (Serpent's Hold) was be communicated to the crew members on the day of the meeting in a secret way. Unfortunately, landlubbers sneaked in and after a fierce battle managed to steal the first of the eight books.

The hiding place of a certain hostage has been written down in an encrypted document. This document has been distributed on a series of books. To find out the location, you have to possess all books. These books will be handed out to trustworthy pirates for safekeeping. The first book was handed out to Trinsac in this meeting. (Note: The book always has to be carried in the backpack by that pirate, and it must not be insured.) It was up to the enemies of the pirates to find means to retrieve this first book. Also, the concerning pirate carried a valuable artifact weapon called "Pirate Slayer". This weapon was allowed to be looted from that pirate.

The complete story can be found here!

The Pirate Conspiracy: Kidnapping the Treasurer, June 21st 2008

During a guild meeting in the Lion's Den in New Haven, the treasurer of the Gentle Rest Inn guild named Hefeustus was lured under false pretenses to a room next door. There he was knocked out and kidnapped by a pirate infiltrator named Elorin, while Hawkeye Pike, Captain of the United Pirates guild, was blocking the door with chests, thus enabling the escape of Elorin. The Torm's Fury and Purple Guardians of Honor guilds declared all pirate folk outlaws in New Haven, who would be punished and chased away from this town without warning. Ever since, war has been raging in the streets of New Haven more than before.

The full story can be found here!

Fighting Tournament, May 31st 2008

All pirates and members of highlighted guilds were invited to come to the Jolly Roger Inn for another fighting contest! The new fighting arena was inaugurated! The rules were:

  • Ye can use own equipment! Bring whatever equipment and weapons you like!
  • Ye can bring any kind and number of potions, bandages, arrows, darts, bolts and reagents ye like.
  • No pets are allowed!
  • Leaving the fighting area before the winner of a duel is determined, is not allowed.
  • Any kind of fighting tactics are allowed! Whatever abilities yer skills offer, may be used in the duel.
  • The prize: Each contestant pays an entry fee of 10,000 gold pieces (bank check). The winner takes it all!
  • Hint: Area effect attacks (like explosion and conflagration potions or area effect spells) only damage fighters from enemy guilds, not opponents of your own guild.

Winner: Eban [Purple Guardians of Honor]
The prize: 60,000 gp

More pictures of the event can be found here!

Beach Fight Tournament, May 17th 2008

All pirates and members of highlighted guilds were invited to come to the Jolly Roger Inn and prove their fighting abilities! This exciting fighting contest took place on our beach in a predetermined area. There were 10 participants and a total of 20 duels. The rules are:

  • Ye cannot use own equipment! Armor and weapons of GM quality will be supplied, to give not-so-rich fighters a chance to prove their abilities.
  • Jewelry, talismans and other items improving yer fighting abilities are not allowed!
  • Bring your Ninjitsu, Bushido, Chivalry, Necromancy and Magery spellbooks! However, no magery spellbooks with magic properties.
  • Ye can bring any kind and number of potions, bandages, arrows, darts, bolts and reagents ye like.
  • Mounts and pets are not allowed!
  • Leaving the fighting area before the winner of a duel is determined, is not allowed.
  • The contest will be held as a double-elimination tournament. This means, you can't win the tournament anymore if you lost TWO duels.
  • Any kind of fighting tactics are allowed! Whatever abilities yer skills offer, may be used in the duel.
  • The prize: Each contestant pays an entry fee of 10,000 gold pieces (bank check). The winner takes it all! (If someone can't afford that much, he can pay less. More rich participants will compensate the rest.)
  • Hint: Area effect attacks (like explosion and conflagration potions or area effect spells) only damage fighters from enemy guilds, not opponents of your own guild.

Winner: CatLord [Torm's Fury]
The prize: 100,000 gp

More pictures of the event can be found here!

Marooned - Island Survival Contest, April 26th 2008

At 7 pm EST (12 pm UK time, 1 am Central European time), the participants of this event will be marooned on a small island where they can prove their survival skills and win a great prize! Have a starting fee of 10,000 gold pieces (check) ready! The United Pirates will also throw in a big sum. The winner takes it all!

  • Step 1 - Empty pockets!
    Arrive with nothing on you, nothing in your backpack. No runebooks, no spellbooks, no books of bushido, chivalry, necromancy or spellweaving. Absolutely no armor, jewels and equipment whatsoever. Don't even try to sneak in any stuff that would give you an unfair advantage over the other participants.
  • Step 2 - Preparation
    Each participant will recieve a bag containing a rune to an unknown location, a recall scroll and a key to your personal treasure chest. These should be the ONLY items in your backpack. The key should be insured, and auto insurance should be switched on. Everyone joins into the party of the game leader, to be able to communicate with him. When everyone's ready, all participants will recall simultaneously to their personal rune.
  • Step 3 - Were am I?
    All contestants will find themselves on the same small island, but each one on a different spot. You'll be standing next to your personal treasure chest waiting to be unlocked with the key in your backpack. It will contain a level 5 treasure chest (already picked and untrapped; gold and map removed), a number of useful items and one special item.
    - 25 Bandages
    - 2 Refresh potions
    - 5 Lesser Poison potions
    - 5 Heal potions
    - 5 Cure potions
    - 1 Spellbook (with the Heal spell and 6 random spells)
    - 1 Necromancer Spellbook (with 2 random spells)
    - 1 Book of Bushido
    - 1 Book of Ninjitsu
    - 1 Book of Chivalry
    - 50 Arrows
    - 50 Bolts
  • Step 4 - Let the battle begin!
    The object is, to find other players and loot their special item. The player who first has all the special items at the same time, wins.
  • Rules and hints
    > Equip yourself from your treasure chest. As they have been left in their original state (only gold and map removed), its contents are completely random.
    > You loot your opponents to get their special item, and to improve your own equipment. Anything can be taken except the key (which should be insured anyway).
    > Insuring items (except for the treasure key) is not allowed! (Illegally insured items could easily be detected, cause if being killed, the winner will receive a part of the insurance fee as a reward.)
    > It is a good idea to keep your personal treasure chest locked.
    > You are allowed to get resurrected as often as you like. But keep in mind that each time you are killed, you will lose items.
  • The winner
    If someone has looted the special items off all other players, he has to page the game master through party chat immediately. The fighters have to cease their activities immediately - the game is over! A gate service will be provided to rescue all participants from the island.

The winner: A Raging Bomber
The prize: 70,000 gold pieces

Pirate Pub Brawl, April 12th 2008

At 5 pm EST (11 pm CET/European time), all pirates are invited to come to the Jolly Roger Inn to prove their fighting abilities! We'll be holding a fighting contest to declare the most dreaded pirate. The Jolly Roger Inn will be re-furnished specifically for the event. The rules are:

  • Ye cannot use own equipment! Armor and weapons of GM quality will be supplied, to make sure that not the pirate with the best artifacts wins.
  • Jewelry, talismans and other items improving yer fighting abilities are not allowed!
  • Ye can bring any kind and number of potions, and as many bandages and reagents as ye like.
  • No mounts! Hooves will ruin the floor boards of the inn! Fights will be held on foot.
  • Each participant will duel each! Last man (or woman) standig wins the fight. When we're through, the three best fighters will face each other in duels.
  • Any kind of fighting tactics are allowed! Whatever abilities yer skills offer may be used in the duel. However, ye may not leave the fighting area until the winner of a duel is determined.
  • The prize: Each contestant should pay an amount of at least 10,000 gold pieces into the combat cash box. (If someone can't afford that much, he can pay less. More rich pirates will compensate the rest.) The winner takes it all!
  • The winner of the contest will be granted the title "Swashbuckler", until he is beat by another pirate in the next Pub Brawl event.
  • If ye are late, ye still may join into our contest, as long as we haven't finished the first round (each fights each).

The winner: Hawkeye Pike [The United Pirates]
The prize: 50,000 gold pieces