The United Pirates

The Jolly Roger Inn:

The Jolly Roger Inn

The Jolly Roger Inn contains lots of useful items, tools and information:

  • Front: An extensive and well-sorted rune library.
  • Front: A chest with lockable boxes for training lockpicking up to 95 skill.
  • Front: A town portal (Crystal Portal) that takes you to any city or moongate (double-click it for help).
  • Front: A teleporter that will take you to a safe place inside the Abyss Dungeon.
  • Front: The vendor Redbeard that sells recall scrolls.
  • Cellar: The Quartermaster sells repair deeds of all kind.
  • Cellar: Different dye tubs: Leather, True Black, Special.
  • Roof: Library with lots of books about pirate adventures.
  • Roof: A library containing most different and challenging pirate quests.